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You may be seeking driving lessons for new teen and adult drivers or more experienced senior citizen drivers. Either way, just review the driving school’s website or pick up a phone to learn about whether the driving school offers services matching exactly what you need.



Starting the car, in a manual car.Make sure you follow this procedure or else the car will more likely to take off without warning. We don’t want any mishaps yet because at this stage we are doing well.–Press the clutch in (left pedal) with the left leg and hold it down.-Make sure the handbrake is fully on.Anytime you put your hand brake on always make sure it is fully on, not just partly on. The car may still roll if it is not.-Move the gear stick to neutral.This is the middle position that feels free when moving it from side to side the car is now considered“out of gear”.- Start the engine with the key, by turning the key to the right and when the engine revs up let the key go it will automatically spring back; during all of this remember you still got your clutch fully down.“Congratulations you have now started the car”.

Let’s get the car moving shall we

Press the clutch down fully to the floor.- Make sure the hand brake is off.- Move the gear stick to 1st gear. (The car is now in gear)- Slowly, at this stage very slowly lift foot up from the clutch until you hear the engine revs beginto drop, you can also watch the rev counter if you like that will start to drop also. And hold theclutch still. Remember, we are not moving the car at this stage, if the car has moved the clutch isout to far. We are only finding the friction point.- Clutch back in and relax- Keep doing this until you can go straight to that point fairly quickly. You may only have to do it afew times or you may have to do it a hundred times it doesn’t matter. The main thing you havemaster finding the friction point. You should instantly recognize the sound of the engine and thefeel of the clutch. When you feel confident relax for few minute because the next stage all theworks begin.


Watch out everybody I’m coming


Clutch in.- 1st gear- Handbrake off.- Bring clutch to friction point.- Check to see if it is safe to merge onto the road (if not wait until it is)- Revs to 2,000 revs- Clutch out slowly keeping the revs upIf things feel wrong clutch in quickly and start again.- Clutch fully out.- Keeping light on the accelerator bring the revs up to 2,500 revs.- Accelerator off.- Clutch in.- Holding the gear stick correctly change into 2nd gear.- Clutch out slowly.If this was not smooth more likely the clutch came out too quickly- Accelerate to 2,500 revs.- At 2,500revs accelerator off.- Clutch in.- Holding the gear stick correctly change to 3rd gear.Clutch out slowly.- Accelerate to 2,500 revs.- At 2,500 revs accelerator off.- Clutch in.- Holding the gear stick correctly change into 4th gear.- Clutch out.

best service

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Best time training

You can choose your team on weekdays after work or on weekends

We train all ages

we take into account the age of individual moments.

Individual approach

to everyone we have our own approach.

Calm instructor

practical training for you will be happy.

duplicate pedals

Cars equipped with duplicate pedals - avtoinstruktor always insures you.

all documents

The full package of documents at the end - you get all the documents at the end of

best classroom

Equipped classrooms - all done according to the rules and laws

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